First Thursday

First Thursday is a district-wide celebration that occurs on the First Thursday of each month. Originally a gathering of art collectors, the First Thursday celebration has grown to a monthly congregation of 10,000-15,000 people including art enthusiasts, wine aficionados and a place to be scene. First Thursday has quickly become a social Mecca and with many of Portland’s best happy hour menus found in the Pearl District, First Thursday is truly a unique Portland experience.

Art galleries hold receptions and stay open late into the evening to launch their new shows. Most galleries offer food and drink while the artists are on hand to talk about their work. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn a little more about art, without feeling like you’ve got to be an art connoisseur to attend.

In fact, First Thursday events are popular monthly outings for all kinds of Portlanders, and while some people might take it as an opportunity to dress up you shouldn’t feel like you have to. It’s a very casual environment, and most of the galleries are small, informal and inviting. For an even more informal First Thursday experience, be sure to check out the street gallery for independent artists – located on 13th street between Glisan & Lovejoy – it’s outdoors and runs from April through November, but it’s a great chance to see even more local artists who aren’t represented by galleries.

All First Thursday gallery opening receptions are free and open to the public, and the receptions generally run from about 6:00pm until 9:00pm (although individual gallery hours may vary).

The Pearl District Art Dealers Association sponsors several galleries although most of the Pearl District art galleries remain open for extended hours.

>> The Pearl District

Alysia Duckler Gallery   
Phone: 503/223-7595
1236 NW Hoyt   
Portland, OR 97209   
Augen Gallery   
Phone: 503/224-8182
817 SW 2   
Portland, OR 97209   
Blackfish Gallery   
Phone: 503/224-2634
420 NW 9   
Portland, OR 97209   
Bullseye Gallery   
Phone: 503.227.0222
300 NW 13th Ave   
Portland, OR 97209   
Butters Gallery, Ltd   
Phone: 503/248-9378
520 NW Davis   
Portland, OR 97209   
Elizabeth Leach Gallery   
Phone: 503/224-0521
417 NW 9   
Portland, OR 97209   
Froelick Gallery   
Phone: 503/222-1142
817 SW 2   
Portland, OR 97209   
Janice Griffin Gallery   
Phone: 503.241.8313
1301 NW 12th   
Portland, OR 97209   
Laura Russo Gallery   
Phone: 503/226-2754
805 NW 21   
Portland, OR 97209   
Mark Woolley Gallery   
Phone: 503/224-5475
120 NW 9   
Portland, OR 97209   
PDX Contemporary Art   
Phone: 503/222-0063
925 NW Flanders   
Portland, OR 97209   
Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery   
Phone: 503.228.6665
929 NW Flanders   
Portland, OR 97209   
Pushdot Studio   
Phone: 503-224-5925
830 NW 14   
Portland, OR 97209   
Quintana Galleries   
Phone: 503/223-1729
120 NW 9   
Portland, OR 97209   

 >> The Pearl District

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